WaterFest 2017

Scenes from the 2017 CB WaterFest. This year’s event is set for August 25-26th on the boardwalk in downtown Colonial Beach.

Two mermaids and one pirate sit in the sand
Mermaids and pirates captivated participants at the 2017 WaterFest
Two black women, twho white men, and a small black child dance to the beat on the beach
A group of people dance to the music at the 2017 CB WaterFest
A man dressed as a pirate stands on a boardwalk
A pirate stalks the Colonial Beach Boardwalk during the 2017 Waterfest
Two children slide down a white, red and yellow water slide.
Children slide down an inflatable water slide at the 2017 CB WaterFest.



Welcome to Colonial Beach Free Press dot com!

A photo and news based blog located in the town of Colonial Beach, Virginia.  This is the first post and a test of how photos look on this platform. All pictures were taken in the summer of 2017 in the town of Colonial Beach, VA.

Red blossoms on a green stem in front of green grass.
A red flower peeks its head out in Colonial Beach, VA
Yellow flowers with dark brown centers in the sunshine
Black Eyed Susans bloom bright and ready in the summer of 2017
Yellow blooms with dark brown centers in the sunlight
Black-Eyed Susans in the sunshine
A wrought iron sign that says Colonial Beach Municipal pier graces the entrance to the town's pier
The municipal pier in the heart of downtown Colonial Beach
A man pulls a net out of the water as the sunsets in the distance
Fishing at sunset
Two fishing poles grace the sky on a pier in front of beautiful water
Fishing on the pier in Colonial Beach
A freshly caught skate hangs from a pole on a pier
A skate hangs from the pier in Colonial Beach, VA
Trees just beyond the water in beach at sunset
The waterfront in Colonial Beach
A man in shorts catches a fish on a pier
A man catches a fish