Save the Bay Day in Colonial Beach

Write-up by Robin Schick


Quickly approaching is our 7th Annual Save the Bay Day in Colonial Beach.  On June 2nd between 8:30 – 9:30 am we will be registering volunteer participants for cleaning up the trash along our shorelines and streets in town.


The last 6 years we have hosted between 100-150 participants annually in this event, and we are looking forward to this year being Lucky Number 7 and just as great!  When you come register that morning you are provided gloves, large neon orange construction trash bags, bottles water, and a t-shirt promoting awareness for this event (as available).  After volunteers spend 2 +/- hours collecting trash in town they leave their bags by the roadside for the very helpful courtesy pick-up the town offers for the event, then the volunteers return to home base to record what progress was made and to enjoy a hot lunch after their dedicated morning effort.


Our mission, aligned with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, is to actively promote environmental stewardship of the water and shoreline we so enjoy and to maintain the beauty of our community.  We encourage families, youth groups, and people of all ages to participate together, creating a stronger sense of pride and collaboration in our small wonderful town.


This one day a year we ask a lot of our volunteers, but we also have to ask a lot of our community in order to support this event.  Each year we ask for signage, supplies, water, promotion, and lunch by donations from our local businesses and civic organizations and we can’t be thankful enough to each one that continues to make this event possible.  We need each and every donation.


IF we can exceed our operation costs we hope that this year, lucky number 7, we can expand to host not only our annual clean-up day and the 100+ people that join us but to also begin an oyster restoration project that will continue cleaning the bay all year long.


This year we ask if it is possible for you to make even a $20 donation to this event.  Please help grow our wave of improvement to the environmental quality we so love about our community.


Honestly, our efforts may be small and may seem very minute to the bigger issues our natural environment faces.  But we have to start somewhere and now for 6 years in a row we have hundreds of people walking, kayaking, wading, and climbing our beaches to remove the plastic, rubber, and waste of years gone by when before no one did any of this.  Each year we take a step and leave it better than we found it, making now years of success, and more than 1,500 man hours of trash pick-up in the town of Colonial Beach.


Thank you for your consideration and, if you are able, please join us this year on

June 2nd at Colonial Beach Yacht Center to help us Save the Bay!


To make a Donation Contact:

Robin Schick at (804) 761-5366,


Mitzi Saffos at (804) 224-0996,


Donate via Paypal at:

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